Hi, how are ya? …

You may know who I am. I am the second half of a local business here in Elliot Lake, Ontario. Most who know me by acquaintances call me “the deejay’s wife”. I occasionally do go out and play a gig or two but I mostly manage the documentation, email, scheduling and accounts payable\receivable of Mobile Sounds, to name a few of my tasks. I am still managing what I call the in real life, offline business that Jeff created from his own passions and dreams but was gracious enough to share with me. I also own and manage a small publishing house with two other wonderful women (shout out to Larisa and Sarah) which is an American based LLC (limited liability company) called Three Little Sisters LLC.

I went to John Abbott College, in Montreal and completed my bachelors in Office Systems Management. I am also an established traditional and independent published author as well as a copy editor and layout designer. My skills range from InDesign, Photoshop to Microsoft Office across all operating system platforms.I’ve spent the last 5 to 10 years respectively perfecting my document technician skills with both Mobile Sounds and Saga Press. I’ve spent even longer perfecting customer service skills.

I proudly apply all of these skills into everything I do for my client base whether that be logo branding, consultations or building the documents that their business needs to prosper and grow to the fullest potential they can. I also cater to individuals, from consumer business correspondence to resumes with cover letters.Trying to figure out a file management and retention system that works for you and your business? I can create, establish and help you maintain that filing system whether it is a physical hard copy system, a digital one or integration of both.As a document technician vetted by a publisher I can help you establish yourself with efficiency that you can be confident in.

With my bachelors in Office Systems Management I have the capability of providing you with professional, unique looking documents that catch attention and make you stand out from all the rest. Let a document technician help your business reach its full potential and if you are an individual, let me show you what a resume made specifically to cater to your specific industry can do to acquire your dream job!

Three Little Sisters LLC

TLS LLC uses my Black Cat Services for administration work, graphics design, documentation technology, branded business stationary, logo branding, cover design, publication layouts, article writing, content development, public relations, social media, mail chimp, staff supervision, and author liaison.

Mobile Sounds Elliot Lake

Mobile Sounds uses my Black Cat Services for administration work, scheduler, event coordination, branded business stationary, customer service, social media, public relations, staff supervision and accounts receivable/payable.