Avatar Movie

The Avatar movie has some pretty deep philosophical under tones and plot. It can be applied to several historical situations as well as current global situations. The fact that the human race in the movie is trying to exploit the indigenous people of a planet called Pandora for a resource that doesn’t even belong to them is reminiscent of the wars over the centuries. Everything from the wars in our history over religion, resources and differences of political opinion.

The very fact that the planet is named Pandora, a reference to opening up Pandora’s Box and unleashing destruction and chaos in our world all for power, greed and money. The religious undertones of the movie are flavored with several cultures such as Native American, Aboriginal, and Pagan. The only thing that concerned me and left a bad taste in my mouth was a reference to the Pagan beliefs being heretic like. The contempt was apparent for Pagan beliefs, perhaps this was done to create creative conflict for resolution in the movie but it did grate on my nerves being that I am Pagan myself.

The cinematic processes of the movie are spectacular, beautifully done and integrated into a seamless live acting and CGI environment that blows the mind with spectacular scenes of action and touching deep moments. The use of an “Avatar” or hybrid of human and alien DNA to infiltrate the Indigenous people and learn their ways as an intelligence gathering is an interesting concept. The references to Mother Nature and the natural path was pleasingly accurate. Very natural flow for the plot, they were well informed and researched their subject on natural religion very well.

Overall, despite the reference to being a heretic if one is Pagan, it was a very good movie with a deep philosophical story line that is applicable to the every day revolutions of the world from all cultures and walks of life and societies. It’s very eye opening with great action scenes, phenomenal acting. The sub plot of a love story fits well with the main plot and supports it well enough. It was a very well written screen play that was adapted into to movie format beautifully. It’s touching, makes you think about the global issues we are all facing and is profoundly applicable to our own lives in so many ways. It felt realistic as far as movies go. It really brings to light how messed up our species is but how our species can and does redeem itself in many ways.

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