Blogging Detriment to Health?

According to PayU2Blog there are articles out there in the news that state that it is detrimental to your physical and mental health to be payed to blog. Without actually having read the articles I’m going to assume (let’s hope my assumptions here don’t make an ass of me) that the articles are insinuating that being payed to blog has bloggers sitting at their computers at all hours every day, all day long blogging away and ticking away the time. Now I highly doubt that all bloggers do this, payed or not. Most people hold down jobs and take care of families and households.

From what I understand of the information provided by PayU2Blog is that the blogger is the one who dictates how much they want to blog, how little or much they want to earn from blogging. I don’t believe their staff are down the blogger’s throats about blogging to get payed by them. It’s a voluntary basis situation as far as I can tell. Now maybe there are a bunch of bloggers that actually do what these supposed news articles are alleging, sure there very much are. It may very well be detrimental to lead a sedentary and non active lifestyle but that type of lifestyle crops up whether it’s blogging, watching the boob tube or cruising the Internet on forum boards. I think it’s up to the individual to care about their health physically personally. It’s not like the people paying bloggers to blog are holding a weapon against the bloggers temple and whipping a proverbial chain and whip all the while screaming in the blogger’s ear – blog blog blog, damned you blog.

As for it being detrimental to your mental state and health. Hogwash I say, any good psychiatrist or psychologist, therapist and what have you will tell you that a journal is healthy for any person on a psychological level. It releases the stress of emotional turmoil, let’s off steam and provides an avenue to work out the psychological effects of stressful situations or just daily life in general in a visual medium. Depression sufferers (like myself) are encouraged to journal about what gets their goad, what drives them crazy or the mental & emotional states they find themselves in. If it weren’t for my blog, my journals and my ability to release the stress emotionally and mentally I’d be a basket case. It’s my release.

I think these people who down the paying a blogger to blog just have their undies in a wad over a new and up and coming idea that maybe they didn’t think about and aren’t making money off of. Now a days it seems like everything is bad for you one day and then the next it’s “oh wait, never mind, our bad, we were wrong – it’s good for you”. Blogging has brought the world together, made it smaller and easier to communicate, and express ideas and thoughts that normally may not have been expressed.

I say kuddos to those who get paid to blog and kuddos to the companies that provide the opportunity to do so!

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