Tabitha Todd

Most of my fiction is done under a pen name, how my pen name came about goes like this:

How Tabitha Todd got started is very unique. It is a pen name built around the Fallen novel that was co-authored by two authors. Todd is one of these authors and I am the second author. My middle name is Tabitha and seeing as how we are both countries apart yet so close in mind set and ways we decided to release Fallen, as well as any subsequent co-authored books under a pen name that was as unique as our writing process and we are. Hence Tabitha Todd was born out of the fires of our first project together, Fallen.

Tabitha Todd

The following two books, Junked and These Chains (version 3 for the latter) are both under my pen name, Tabitha Todd. Both these books are on pre-order for April’s Alcohol Awareness month. This is the digital version of both books, print versions will be available later in April.

I would like to thank my partners at Three Little Sisters Publishing (sic Three Little Sisters LLC) for the time and effort they helped put into these two new books. If not for my sisters I’d be lost in the sea of weirdness all by myself. To mini unicorns and krakkacorns and fix-it monsters and Gods forbid we forget the homicidal muffins on legs that are our respective desk top supervisors. Rainbows and glitter girls, rainbows and glitter!

This is Junked. The story of James, coming home to Mama and Little Sister to detox from a drug addiction. He comes home to realize he got way more than he bargained for meeting up with gramps, something he didn’t expect to do.

You can pre-order now at Amazon with your one click order button today. Junked will in your kindle library on the day of its release!

These Chains is the story of a man, in his own words, who overcomes the physical and sexual abuse of his step father while battling his adulthood addictions to save the relationship between himself and his twin daughters.

You can pre-order now at Amazon with your one click order button today. These Chains will be in your kindle library on the day of it’s release on March 20th, 2019.

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