Witch Hunts in The Media

So, long time no see you are thinking. Yup, been busy. Very busy. It’s only fitting that I start blogging again with a comment on the twitter debate about a mom tweeting about her child passing away in the family pool.

News Article of mom tweeting live as her child is dying…

At first, I was very much WTF? Twittering while your 2 year old son is dying? Come on…

Then I got to thinking, we all go to our own little neck of the woods online for support and prayers from our own personal virtual communities too. There’s places like Circle of Moms, Mothering.com, C2PP.com and other communities of like minded people. We ask for prayers, support, advice, help…

My “WTF?” now lies on NY Times shoulders. How can a major media outlet take a grieving family and slap them in the spot light without all the details of the situation, put a nasty spin on it and then set their readers against this grieving family, this mother who does not have her baby to hold tonight and vilify them with such ease? For the bottom line? The almighty dollar? Profit? What has happened to home grown true journalism? Where did it go, what makes a large media outlet feel it’s okay to spin a story (and that is basically what it is, a story) at the expense of people who are hurting?

Bryson Ross, bless his little old soul, was the same age as my son Brysten. Their names are even similar. Today I sit here, crying for a child and mother I’ve never met because that could have been me. That could have been any number of us parents. Accidents do happen and by the Gods it is a hard pill to swallow when they do happen. The media outlet has made us pawns of a witch hunt. Pitting us against each other in the comment boxes as we argue back and forth about the trivialities of this or that. Arguing about what if’s – there are no what if’s – the death of child is an absolute and while we argue back and forth a grieving family sits in the corner horrified, mortified and vilified – alone, ostracized and made sinister by the media – what painful thoughts must be running through their heads as they watch the masses rip their family apart and pick at the bones like vultures gathered around the drying out carcasses?

What are they feeling so profoundly in their heart of hearts. Mom must be feeling guilt – you know any parent blames themselves for an accident, even if it’s no fault of their own. What about that 11 year old sibling – the guilt and self blame that child must be leveling on their shoulders right now. The what if’s the if only the grief must be so utterly devastating. Now look at all of us arguing over a stupid set of tweets – something that any one of us who’ve lost a loved one would feel and do is to seek support from those we trust, care for and even those we don’t know.

The internet has brought people from across the globe into each others homes just as back in the day a whole town rallied together at the side of a mother who lost a child. So what she tweeted about her loss, that is her prerogative and her right to seek support and prayers from whom ever she chooses. Honestly, what is wrong with seeking prayers and support from even the people we don’t know. Whole congregations of church goers pray for people they don’t know, have never met and never will meet through out the years. We don’t persecute them for doing, why persecute a woman asking for it?

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