Alcohol Awareness Month

Three Little Sisters Publishing is doing a special release of three books with alcohol and drug addiction themes and a round table discussion and interview with a local Elliot Lake resident, Rebecca (Becca) Kelterborn to discuss her poetry This is The House That Booze Built.

The three books coming out are These Chains, Junked and Among Her Belongings. All three books are short, (40 to 80 pages respectively) fast reads and will be available in both digital and for print formats.

Among her Belongings is a posthumous printing of Dawna Ryder’s poetry and art. Dawna was an alcoholic who struggled with mental health disease as well. She passed away suddenly in 2015, she is the beloved mother of Larisa Hunter and her sister.

These Chains and Junked are under my pen name. I grew up with an addict father, though I didn’t realize fully at the time that he was an addict. His addictions were hidden from us, my sister and I, for the most part. In hindsight, as an adult I’ve come to realize some of his behaviors are now quite explanatory – from being physically present but not emotionally invested to the seldom seen fights mom and him would have (it was rare for them to argue in front of us).

People tried in all manners to help him. Uncle Bob forcing him into rehab (we all know that never works) to threats of legal action and even threats of disowning to downright disowning him didn’t work. His addictions, to this day, rule his world and personal being. He hasn’t yet learned to conquer his monkey demons on his back. I’m not sure at 60-something he ever will.

I don’t speak to him anymore, not since shortly after getting married at least. I’ve had to distance myself and disown him because my children deserve better from him and he can’t provide that. It’s sad really, they don’t know him as grandpa, just mom’s dad who they don’t see at all. Some of my younger children don’t even remember what he looks like and have to ask.

This is what alcohol, drugs and gambling addictions has done to our family. Torn it apart, rendering it asunder, rolled it over cliffs and craggy drops and brought it crashing down among the rocks at the bottom quite a few times.

The release (and for me re-release) of these books is a very cathartic process, albeit a painful one when you have to first rip the scab off to the wound to clean it out. It’s like excising a cancer within yourself without anesthesia, one you didn’t want but was put there by someone else. I hope that our books will find their way into the hands of someone who just needed to know there are others out there that “just get it” without having to explain it.

If these books and Becca’s courage to open up helps just one person, somehow and some way, then the pain of excising the wounds we had was well worth it. Know that you are not alone and that Faith and Hope are always with you.

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