Tabitha King

If you don’t know who she is, well she is the “better half” of Stephen King. Yes, that horror writer Stephen King. Recently Mr. King posted about his wife being pissed about a journalist who lacked the common sense to give credit where credit was due. Mainly, not crediting Mrs. King with the fact she had made a hefty donation to a charity – instead that journalist referred to her as “the wife of Stephan King”. If you didn’t know her name it might behoove you to ask her what her name is, wouldn’t it?

Some people think, rich people being prissy and that she is acting like a princess. It has nothing to do with being rich, not in the least. It’s about credit where credit is due. It’s about a husband who supports his wife as a separate human being from himself regardless of his notoriety. She made that donation, she is not a non-being just because she is his wife. That’s a basic right as any human being regardless of social class, rich or poor, lifestyle, etc…your name, in the end regardless of who you are, is truly all you have besides your word while you are living. To be without a name or having your name removed from you is cruel. Acknowledge a person by their name, they have one – if you don’t know it, ask what their name is. It’s common sense.

In a bigger sense, it’s about women as an individual. It’s about relationships and how women are not behind men anymore (like it used to be). Have we not grown from the old adage where women toiled barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen to women stand beside their men (sic partner) rather than behind them. Are we not in 2019 rather than 1909? Women have names too, we have hopes, aspirations, careers and are as powerful and knowledgeable as men are. We are not the silly little hysterical girls that we have been so long labelled as. We are people too.

It truly shouldn’t matter what you’ve got between your legs to at least be called by your given name and credited by that given name. Being a husband or wife, as Mrs. King – Tabitha – put it is not an identity, it’s a relationship status.

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