Cover Artist

How does the process work?

First I start with the base template from KDP for a full cover, I’ll either use a front, spine, back method or a full wrap around method depending on what suits your written work best. I usually get a feel for your work from the mini synopsis that you provide to me.

KDP specific templates are used.

I ask the author for their trim size and page count for the sole purpose of the spine width that KDP will calculate based off of those two numbers. Without it I can’t do a proper set of KDP files for you to upload (PDF and JPG).

Next comes your background image, in this case I’m using Junked that I wrote under my pen name Tabitha Todd:

The background of the full cover. This cover has a front, spine, back.

I will leave a space for your ISBN barcode on a full cover, for the digital edition (JPG) only the front cover is needed.

Front typography includes the title and author name.

Above is the front cover typography that includes the title of the book and the author of the book. Below is the back typography of the cover that explains the plot of the book to the reader.

Back cover typography explaining the plot of the book.

After all that I then convert the file to a PDF, crop the file to just the front page image and export that to a JPG file for your digital edition. I will also export as a PNG file for my portfolio.

There is the gist of how the process works. There are many more steps and man hours involved in the whole process. Including a brainstorming session prior to the work beginning and at least one session where the client can ask for changes. I do include up to 3 sizing adjustments for KDP because they can be a little finicky on the for print cover sizing. All my work is in 300DPI for resolution which I’ve found is the sweet spot for KDP’s preferences on images.

Covers are 175.00$ CAD (about 131 and change USD). I take cash (local only) and interac email transfer for the BCE services portal. The TLS LLC services portal accepts PayPal. Contact me for more information here.

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