Book Day

The Dark Tower

It’s March 7th. The Day of the Book, aka book day! Today I share with you my love of the Dark Tower, magnum opus of Sai King as us constant readers refer to him as.

My King book collection is extensive, prolific really. When asking my husband about my collection he will tell you it collapses book shelves during Easter family gatherings and drives desks into walls and makes holes – Yes, that did happen, said book shelf is now reinforced and houses even more King books.

My “Office” where my desktop supervisor snaps her kitty whip and demands treats.

As you can see, my bookshelf is a King book library haven unto itself. The top two shelves are actually bowing from the weight of the books. Turtles, Pop Cap, Scroumpf from Larisa (she is a sewing queen!) and yes a kitty urn (we lost a beloved pet in January). I just had the canvas on the wall commissioned by a local artist (Artman in Elliot Lake, Daniel Peabody).

The Ka-Tet

From left to right, Oiy, Roland, Susannah, Jake, Eddie and Father Callahan. The six members of Roland’s current Ka-Tet from the series.

The Dark Tower is a magnificent piece de resistance and permeates just about every other book in King’s works. From Insomnia, The Stand (Flagg is the Man in Black), Hearts of Atlantis (low men, breakers), Talisman and Black House…all across King’s various universes or rather, whens you will find references and even characters. Father Callahan himself is from Salem’s Lot (hence why he’s holding his “bible” the Salem’s Lot book itself in the canvas).

I have two tattoos with a Dark Tower theme. Both done by a local tattoo artist G from To The Point Body Art.

There was great debate over the movie. While at first I, as a purest was a little worried about Idris Elba playing Roland in The Dark Tower movie, which was not a continuation of the books by the way but rather a different when on the tower (think string theory or the way Netflix’s The Flash explains parallel universes). I was worried because of the Susannah and Roland relationship in the book. You see Susannah is a black woman with multiple personality disorder (aka DID, dysmorphic identity disorder) and before she became Susannah she was Odetta Holmes and Detta Walker in the same body (she’s also a double amputee). Detta would refer to Roland as the “honkey mahfah”.

Obviously that wouldn’t work if Roland is depicted by the swanky and very talented Idris Elba. I had to let go of the idea that it was a continuation of the books and let the movie stand for itself (and it is a good movie, I do like it). What synches it for me that Idris IS Roland? The British television show Luther. Idris has that steely resolve of Roland in Luther. He is Roland in Luther. Luther and Roland are one in the same, or at the very least, cut from the same cloth. They are both gunslingers.

I mean, come on. Can’t deny that piercing look that says “cross me and I’ll deal you in lead”. It’s Roland. Idris does a fantastic job of portraying Roland, attitude, piercing look, dead set dare you to cross me glare. The roll was built for him in that when by that level of the Tower (sic movie). It’s pleasing to see such a strong roll being portrayed so well. Color of his skin doesn’t matter, he is a gunslinger through and through. Also “There are other worlds than these” as Jake would put it.

If you hadn’t known, Marvel did an Omnibus comic collection for The Dark Tower. I have both omnibuses (both of which are currently residing on my bookshelf, still in their wrappers and spines unbroken – collector that I am – trying to bow the shelf and break it). Marvel relinquished the rights to Gallery 13 aka Simon and Shuster just recently. They just released the first 7 installments of the comic (S&S), you will no longer see Marvel collections soon if at all now.

So there you have it, my favorite set of books. I hope you enjoyed my Book Day share. I thoroughly enjoyed telling you about them. To my fellow constant readers:

“Long days and pleasant nights…There will be water if the Gods will it.”

Roland Deschain, Last of the Line of Eld.
Serving the Beam since the 19 of 1999!

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