Unicorns and Black Cats

Black Cat with a pink boa anyone? Oh look, unicorns!!

Yup, that look best describes my reaction when I see a business or someone stomp on the little people or someone else. Just doesn’t fly with me. I will fight tooth and nail for my clients at Black Cat Editing and my authors at Three Little Sisters Publishing. I’m diplomatic about it though, have to be professional in a cut throat publishing environment. Without diplomacy and ethics there is no honor and integrity.

Women’s Day today!

Speaking of honor… I would like to take a moment to honor a few women in my life. Let me start with the woman who gave my mother life – Joan. A woman of great sacrifice and strength. A woman who essentially raised her children alone and did a damn fine job of it. If not for her, I would not be here because mom wouldn’t be here.

Then there is my mom, Linda. Thrown a curve ball recently and yet, despite her set ways and stubbornness in those set ways has managed to roll with it.

My sister, uprooting herself to move across the province (essentially) and set up shop not 10 minutes from me in buck feck no where middle of the bush she swore to never move to – and thriving – move to the North our husbands said, it’ll be fun…right.

To my dear, swear Ris – you’ve come a long way down a very dark and unnatural tunnel only to thrive and survive. You are not victim but truly a survivor.

Sarah, you make me smile with the sweetly dark sarcasm you have. I love every moment of hilarity that ensues in our quarterly phone meetings and online tri-ju-ju chats in between.

My girls, may you become the great women I see in you now as young girls. You will, and I promise you – it’s worth every second of it.

To all women from all nations, in all cultures, all religions and countries – I salute you and honor what you are – women. Happy International Women’s Day!

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