Have Book, Will Publish

Publishing, the process is, or rather can be utterly confusing and frustrating. Time and time again I watch authors from various groups talk about how expensive or how time consuming and confusing the process of indie publishing can be.

I watch them burn through the aggravation of traditional publishers query letters and agent acquisition and …just exhausting watching them forced into chasing their tails around and around.

Then there is the struggle of the new KDP system, CreateSpace is no more. No more easy peasy uploads. While KDP does work with Word (Docx to PDF) it can be rather painful to suss out what the trim size should be, how to work out the gutters and margins. Not an easy task with Word. Back and forth the dance goes.

Not that the program I use can be any easier at times, KDP tends to be real picky about its trim sizes, gutters and margins. InDesign is an interesting program. I’ve heard many a doc tech, graphics designer, layout designer and editor bemoan the glitches and difficulties …well the “love to hate and hate to love” relationship with InDesign.

Getting from InDesign to this as a finished product.

Between my partner and I, we’ve found very “creative” ways to actually “break” InDesign. From layer upon layer of text boxes that magically appear (not magically delicious though) to the point where we have to ask our tech guru has to explore the file on our behalf and then we generate a post mortum on the file afterwards…yeah InDesign can be tricky. Even us professionals have some difficulties at times.

Despite that, we have been complimented many times about the quality of our work. How it’s larger print size makes it easier to read. The layouts flow along and make the book easy on the eyes.

And then there is this:

Got my copy of the Teutonic Way today! I was even mentioned in the foreword of it. I’ve been waiting so long to see this project finalized and excited that Stephan can finally get his work back in print. Thanks for the shout out, L. H! I can’t wait to dig into this beast of a book! Get your copy through Three Little Sisters Publishing.

Micheal Ransom Wilson

I’m proud of our work, I’m proud of my work. We are taking submissions right now for both Three Little Sisters Publishing and Little Bird Books Press (children’s line). You can submit here.

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