My Work, Your Copyright

You built my advertisement, who owns it?

You do, some places retain the right to your ads, I don’t. The only time I retain a file is for two reasons.

  1. For my portfolio, with strict copyright credits to the company or person who commissioned the work.
  2. As a file for my, at no charge-to-you back-up service. I back-up all my customer’s files as a precaution on the off chance that the most horrible happens and you lose your original files I provide you. I don’t charge for this service.

You created my logo, who owns it?

You do, I don’t keep your business branding from you. Nor do I restrict it. As above I only retain a file for portfolio use and back-up services – again no charge for the back-up service, my way of saying thanks for choosing Black Cat Editing.

You created my “insert service here”, who owns it?

Starting to sense a trend yet?..YOU DO. I will never demand from you to restrict any of the work you commissioned either online or offline. It belongs to you. The only time I ask for credit where credit is due is if it’s a book cover, book layout or book editing services. The only reason I do that in the publishing industry is because that’s the legal standard in that industry. When I create something for you, it’s yours to use with any other service, social media platform, blog platform, printing company or otherwise how you see fit. It’s yours, the only thing I ever ask is for a limited creative commons agreement to use the image in my portfolio to attract potential new customers and I always credit the company, person or writer who used my services.

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