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TLS Brochure for Happy Barn Cat Book

I was asked by Larisa over at TLS to create a brochure based off of one of the free downloads from the TLS Adobe library. One that goes with a particular publication called The Happy Barn Cat. A very awesome information packed book about how to raise and care for a colony of working cats by Melodi Grundy. An amazing book, it even has personal anecdotal stories from Melodi (a very cool and sweet lady by the way).

I really enjoyed building this brochure for TLS. The elements in the document used were from Evanto (the dog, cat and parrot). I love the play on colors. This particular project was a little close to home for me. If you know me, I’m a cat person (couldn’t you tell) and we lost one of fur bratties back on January 3rd from renal failure. She sits in her urn, watching over all us. We miss her greatly, she was an amazing cat. Miss Meow Meow had a way about her (and by the way, that’s her in the middle top panel of the brochure, memorialized forever). Loosing a pet isn’t easy, it doesn’t get any easier as time passes either, you only learn to cope better.

To those of you who have lost a beloved pet over the rainbow bridge, my heart is with you. I hope that this FREE brochure and the longer booklet that goes with it might help someone out there cope a little better. (Available soon, I’ll let you know when both appear on the TLS site).

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