The Ship, She Sank. Temporarily.

If you hadn’t heard. My ship nearly sank last weekend. Luckily for me 90% of my work was on the cloud (or rather scattered across of few of my clouds, basecamp, onedrive, google drive, dropbox, etc).

About 10% of my personal work is temporarily (I hope) lost at the moment, hopefully by Monday I’ll have an more firm answer. How did it happen? Well, between a possible failing drive and the kids slamming into the system my hard drive went “that’s a nope” and decided to fubar. The repair didn’t work, the start up repair didn’t work, the reset this PC didn’t work – all errors. That’s when I went, great, fun times ahead.

So off the New Egg I went and purchased a Micron Crucial M.2 500G stick drive (my Windows load drive and back up drive) and a Micron Crucial 2.5 1 T drive (my main working drive for storage). Along with a nice USB style Win 10 Home edition and on Monday a new Video Card.

All in all, a nice well rounded but slightly expensive lesson, back up your work daily and don’t underestimate the mini me’s!

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