Techno Dance Macabre

The Techno Dance Macabre from hell

It’s been a hellish week folks. Thank the gods for backup clouds and my hard lesson from the week before when the first drive went and did a “that’s a nope”. This week, the second drive decided to go “that’s a nope” from brand new in the box. RMA issued and shipping it out tomorrow via express Canada Post with signature, some sketchy happened that I don’t like with a tech asking for more information AFTER the RMA was issued which made my red flag meter go *ding ding ding*.

I guess they weren’t expecting a well versed customer with a big rig like I have – they should see the second tower, mine is a Ryzen 3 first gen, the other one is a Ryzen 5.

None of my rig set up explains why their product decided to pull a technological poo poo out of no where. Buddy of mine took a look at the picture of the pins on the drive and went mmm solder doesn’t look right or even sister.

So now, I ship it tomorrow and we play the wait and see game. Wait to see if they try blaming the customer for user error or if they hold true to their touted customer service game and come through with a replacement. I have another of their drives as well. An M.2 that I’m running right now (on it at this very moment). Did I mention I had to pay for the shipping and for a new PSU because of their product. I think they thought I wanted them to replace the PSU. I outright told them sorry already did that I couldn’t give a rat’s behind if they replaced it or not. I need one anyway, so there’s that.

Never got an answer back from them after that email. Kind of sketchy too but we’ll see. My partners & team at TLS are all too happy to soothe my frayed nerves and the team has come together full throttle to keep my end floating like a non-leaky techno boat (I thought for sure I was gonna drown). So thank you to “P”, “S”, Larisa and Sarah (I will not divulge my editors names without their permission) for keeping me sane and human these last few weeks. Not just a team but family. Thank you is not strong enough a set of words.

For my Techno buddies: My RIG

Mobo: gigabyte GA-AB350-Gaming 3

HD: 500G MX500 M.2 (dead drive was an MX500 2.5IN 1T SSD)

Ram: HyperX Fury

Vid card: Radeon RX580 Pulse (Sapphire series) 8G

Chip Set: AMD Ryzen 3 1200 (4C /4T, 10 MB cache)

PSU: Master Cooler Masterwatt 750

(temporary PSU a new updated Rosewill Hive 650S coming soon).

Case: Phantex Eclipse 300

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