Nanowrimo 2020

It’s that time of year again. I’ve been pretty absent these days as we had some major drop dates for a big time author at Three Little Sisters. Now that Seed of Yggdrasill is out (yes she spells it differently) by Maria Kvilhaug and flying high I can focus a little on BCE. You’ll notice a few subtle changes. I reduced my services to KDP support, LuLu support, covers, proofing and copy editing at more reasonable rates.

Let’s talk about something else though, how about the title of this blog post: Nanowrimo 2020!

I will be participating again this year. Last year was Soul Series, Tamashii. This year, a prequel to The Bone Jar (which is coming out October 30th, get your pre-order peeps). The new book will be called The Bone Jar: The Asylum Case.

You can see my progress here: The Bone Jar: The Asylum Case

Way back in 2011 I did a little thing called 30 covers in 30 days. I’m bringing that back. I have 30 spots for 30 nanowrimo peeps and here’s how it works:

  1. Add me as a buddy on Nanowrimo: TabithaTodd_79
  2. Contact me on nanowrimo to ask for one of the 30 spots
  3. -and- like & contact Three Little Sisters on Facebook as well as Black Cat Editing on Facebook
  4. I will tell you where you are placed in the cue for the 30 covers in 30 days.

Are these covers free you ask? Why YES, the nanowrimo covers ARE indeed free for the duration of the challenge and for valid Nanowrimo participants.

Easy peasy right? Want to see what I can do for covers? Visit my portfolio or The Three Little Sisters to check out my cover work!

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