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What’s the difference between a wrap around cover, a front/spine/back cover & a for Kindle cover?

So what is the difference between a wrap around, a front/spine/back cover and a kindle cover? Well, for one a wrap around doesn’t necessarily have a spine like Immortal Chronicles wrap around cover. While a front/spine/back cover style will have the title and publisher on the spine.

A kindle cover, simply the front cover from either a wrap around or a front/spine/back cover in JPG format for Kindle/KDP use. Kindle prefers this format as it sits better on most devices in their proprietary software and file formats.

Let’s break down a front/spine/back cover:

You’ll find the following:

  1. The front cover will have the title and the author
  2. The spine will have (and the publisher is actually absent on this one due to brand testing), the publisher, the title and the publishing logo and/or branding – if a series of books like Bone Jar is.
  3. The back cover will have the publisher logo, normally the bar code (generated with the ISBN within the bar code numbers by the distributor, in this case it will be KDP) and the synopsis of the book.

Note: Some back covers do add the author photo and author biography to the back of the cover. At Three Little Sisters they add it to a specific author’s page in the book rather than on the back of the cover to keep the covers clean and uncluttered.

Now, let’s compare to a wrap around:

Wrap Around

As you can see, the difference is that the spine has no publisher or title information on the spine. This is sometimes done for multi-book series like Immortal Chronicles with more than two books (usually three or more, this series is five books).

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