Featured Books Of TLS

I have a list of a few (but not limited to) favorites that I’ve both had a hand in editing, laying out and, of course, doing the covers for at Three Little Sisters:

Maeve’s Raid – Stephan Grundy

Maeve’s Raid by Stephan Grundy is by far a bit of a biased favorite, I’m Irish. I love the way Stephan retells the folklore and the historical facts mixed with his own version of Maeve. How he sees her, not the sniveling whiny bitch that everyone always colors her as but the strong, female heroine roll she should be seen as (his words in so many words). He wanted to portray her in a different, stronger female light. He wanted to tell her story (albeit a historical fictional) in her (sic Stephan’s) eyes, as she (sic Stephan’s) saw it. This particular book won second finalist just recently at the American Fiction Awards! Quite the interesting take on Maeve, Queen of Connacht and the Cooley Cattle Raids of the Ulster Cycle.

Want a copy: Buy it Here

Seed of Yggdrasill – Maria Kvilhaug

Seed of Yggdrasill by Maria Kvilhaug. By far a book, like the Teutonic Way series, that has taught me so much just by being a part of the editing team, the layout and of course, as always, the cover build. Chock full of Nordic history, lore and philology – epic word I learned existed from this project that means the study of languages. I even learned about connections between MY Celt ancestry and the Nordic/Germanic peoples. I’m forever grateful for a book like this (and the Teutonic Way series too).

Want a copy: Buy it Here

Bayou Terror – Les Sussman & Sally Bordwell

This little quiet gem is a nice little take on what doesn’t eat you only comes after you to try again to eat you. I loved the Carnies in this book and the thrilling horror of the bug antagonists in this book. Co-authors Les and Sally really do a remarkable job of tantalizing your senses with their descriptions in the book. A horror genre right up my horror loving alley, and maybe yours too!

Want a copy: Buy it Here

Earth: The Last Colony of Man – Jean Swart

Love the psi-thriller-military style action in this book. Space done in a very different way. It’s Star Trek meets militarized psychic soldiers. I absolutely enjoyed how descriptive this author is. He has a penchant for describing scenes quite vividly. Loved the added details from the layout designer in the book. LOVE the cover for this (yes, I am tooting my own horn!).

Want a copy: Buy it Here

I will be featuring more books from our authors in the near future and letting you know what I think about them all. Keep peaking for more book recommendations both from Three Little Sisters & others. Please consider supporting a small publishing house and its authors, it’s not easy in the publishing industry and there’s some stiff competition out there. Our authors and publishing team do our very best to bring you quality stories from all voices and walks of life and from all corners of the world! We’ve got a lot of new and interesting titles coming very soon too!

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