Nanowrimo 2020

Last Year Nano Project


Words Written: 50774 words

Nanowrimo 2019 winner


She’s a hot headed red head. He’s an old school gunslinger. When something goes wrong in the town of Tariff, a village that survived the war to end all wars, the Tamashii gunslinger shows up to help fight off a souless Mujona gunslinger. Can Tamashii avoid being gelded for what he was while he navigates his own heart and mind in the now? Can he keep his word as a gunslinger? Can he keep to the creed of duty, oath and vows?

Inspired by the Dark Tower series from Stephen King. Tamashii, the Japanese word for Soul, is a story based on the virtues of the Bushido warrior mixed with old fashioned wild west gun play. Part historical, part fiction but all entertainment.

This Year Nano Project


Words written: 0 words, research stage

Nanowrimo 2020 participant project


Meet Leo Desbrates. A greenback FBI agent who just landed on, possibly the biggest case of his career. There’s only one problem, he has his supervisor breathing down his neck over a mistake made in a cold case file dubbed “The Asylum Case” and this new case just might be connected to the cold case and another cold case called the “bērns slepkava” case aka the child killer case. Can Agent Desbrates shake off his failure to close his last case in order to solve this one? Find out in The Bone Jar: The Asylum Case.

The Asylum Case is the second book in The Bone Jar series. The first book The Bone Jar was co-authored by Larisa Hunter from Three Little Sisters LLC and Sheal Berube from Black Cat Editing.

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Don’t forget the 30 covers in 30 days challenge going for the month of November.

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