Navigating KDP

Having a hard time navigating KDP?

Amazon has a publishing platform called KDP or Kindle Direct Publishing. Sometimes it’s pretty difficult to navigate the rules of KDP. Particularly the gutter and margin rules. Very frustrating at times, even the cover for print can be difficult to navigate for dimensions.

First off, KDP has templates for covers that you can input your dimensions for page count, paper type and book trim size. Looks like this:

Even with their templates it can still be a bit of a process to get a cover to go with KDP. The directions over at Amazon can be more vague than auntie Margerie’s vaguebook post at times. That’s where someone like me comes in. I provide tech support for both KDP covers, book interiors/layouts and gutter/margin help.

As for interior, unfortunately KDP does not have templates for that. They actually do have “instructions” (there’s auntie Margerie again, in spades this time) that are extremely confusing and take a certificate course to understand when first starting out. They also have the expectation you are using Microsoft Word, so anything that comes from Open Office – because, you know, starving artist status and open source and free is the difference between a packet of Ramen for dinner and nothing to eat for some – doesn’t quite translate sometimes to their standards. I use InDesign myself, and even then expensive software isn’t always “compliant” or plays nice with KDP’s platform for uploads and especially not for gutters or margins. It takes a bit to figure out. Sometimes it’s easier to find someone who will do the work for you at a reasonable price.

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