The podcast

You may have noticed the redesign. In the menu there are now child menu options under Publications and Contact parent menus. Under Publications you will see 3 Little Sisters, Podcast (Nevermore) and Quoth the Publisher. Those are all publications I contribute to. Under the Contact menu you will find the FAQ and About pages now. Just a little mid-winter cleaning was done.

Now, I’d like to talk about the podcast, Nevermore. It’s a rather interesting (but nerve wracking) endeavor really. I never liked the sound of my voice to be honest and am always a little “insecure” about it but I digress. I’ve found the process fascinating and rather fun in the end. This particular podcast is in the publishing industry but lots of fun topics. Current episode is about Magnum Opus.


You can now find me on Fiverr and hire me there. My current gig is book covers for now. I’ll be adding more gig types in the near future depending on how well this Fiverr thing pans out. You can still hire me directly as well if you want to.

Me on Fiverr

Fiverr allows you to hire by a third part partnership and protect yourself as a consumer and customer. The more I can protect my customers, the better.

What Can I do for You?

Virtual Assistant & Document Tech Work

What is a VA (Virtual Assistant)?

A virtual assistant is generally self-employed and provides professional administrative, technical, or creative assistance to clients remotely from a home office.


A document technician organizes and manages information and data by ensuring that it maintains its quality, accuracy, accessibility, and security in both paper files and electronic systems.


So what can a VA do, you name it we can do it. From scheduling clients on your behalf, running your social media for you, updating your email newsletters, website, graphics design, document branding, logo branding, the list goes on and on. The only difference from one VA to the other is what they went to school for or what skills they have or don’t have.

For example, one VA may have a graphics design diploma while another may have an office systems management or IT based diploma. It just all depends on the skills and services your VA offers (or VA company).

So, what do I have as skills?

  • Social Media : Facebook, Twitter, Google Business, SEO, and more.
  • Graphics Design: Photoshop, Illustrator, logo design, graphics design.
  • Layout Design: InDesign, brochures, resumes, business plans, document branding, and more.
  • Video Editing: After Effects, NCH Video Editor.
  • Writing: Blogs, websites, articles, plot layouts, and more.
  • Editing: Copy Editing and Proofing.
  • Scheduling: Client schedules, employee scheduling, phone calls, emails, postal letters.
  • Simple Accounting: Basic business accounting and spread sheets.
  • Contract Underwriting and management across several platforms.
  • Project Management across multiple platforms on both computer and devices such as tablets, IPads, phones and more.
  • File Management across multiple platforms and devices. Both digital and print file management.

I can do a lot more than just the above as well. You can contact me to see if we make a good fit and see what I can do for you. Tell me what you need and I’ll either tell you I can provide it or direct you to someone who can!

Adobe Signatory Services

I have moved from HelloSign to Adobe (Acrobat) signatory services. In other words I now use Adobe Acrobat and the signing services that correspond with that piece of software. What does it look like?

So that’s what one of my contracts might look like as I’m setting it up in the Acrobat program. You will get an email from the Adobe server asking you to sign the document. If you receive it to a device like your phone or tablet you can sign with a tablet pen or your finger directly. If you receive it on a computer you can type your signature and it’s still considered a legal signature.

I’ve moved to this form of signatory service because I have more control over the service to protect my customers more thoroughly than a third party signatory service can provide. I also have the ability to audit documents and provide more information on when, how and who was involved in the document signature process.