21, 22 and 23

Twenty one, twenty two and twenty three of thirty covers in thirty days:

NeedFire Jul Fest

Three Celtic Goddesses

Christmas isn’t complete without the Goddess of Winter. Learn about Cailleach [pronounced Kale-Leach], the Celtic creator Goddess and how she relates to Samhuinn, winter and Christmas. Learn how she’s connected to both The Morrígan, and Síle na Gig [Sheela-na-ghee] and how to perform altar work with all three Goddesses. Join me, Sheal, on December 20th for an in depth look at Druidic altar practices and get a free PDF handout with the class.

This year I am participating in teaching about Druidic practice and three of the Celtic Goddesses [you get a really neat PDF handout to keep from my class as well if you sign up]. If you are interested in taking part head over to NeedFire and you can either pick just this class [or any class you prefer] or go for all the classes in a package deal. Click on the image above to head on over to see Minta from NeedFire and hit up the Jul Fest link in the menu and check out all the classes there [not just mine]. You should check her and Needfire Wellness on Facebook too, which you can do here. She has some really interesting stuff on both her site and Facebook page. Jul Fest classes start on Dec 2, my class is Dec 20 at 3pm EST.

Eighteen of Thirty

Eighteen of thirty of 30 covers in 30 days:

NanoWriMo 2020

How’s it going?

[Grunts] Not that great for me this year but at least I have an almost 20k words backbone for the new Bone Jar installment. It seems I’m just simply either very busy or just stuck with writing. It takes twice as long to get going and even my quick witted title chapters are taking forever to come up with. Haven’t been used to this kind of “writer’s block” in a long time.

How’s it going for all you folks?

Seventeen of Thirty

Seventeen of thirty of 30 covers in 30 days: