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Book Covers

Want a book cover like the one to the left? Contact me, now accepting PayPal payments. A more secure and easier way to pay for your Black Cat Editing services! Don't forget to email your book cover information using the contact form.


Have a question? Check out my FAQ page.

I do full front, spine and back cover pieces or wrap around. My covers are in PDF, PNG & JPG formats at 300DPI resolution.

You will be provided with the two formats that KDP accepts for cover files. I will provide 3 adjustments at no extra cost for cover sizing if KDP asks for any cover image adjustments.

I will be using the PNG format for my portfolio with a limited creative commons license. The license is limited to strictly online and offline portfolio use for the purpose of acquiring new clientele with.

Covers will be credited within your copyright page to me:

Sheal Mullin Berube


  • Please send an email using my contact form
  • Please use <cover art> from the drop down menu
  • Include the following information in your message:
    • Include what sizing standard you require (6×9, 7×10, etc)
    • Page count of the book
    • Include the title of the book
    • Author name
    • Back cover blurb
    • A synopsis and general plot outline
    • Release date of the book

After I have your information: I will send you a client contract to look over and sign. NaNoWriMo discounts are based on condition of being a participant and the discount only applies during the month of November.