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Document Technician Services

Business Bundle

Business package deal: Includes branded business stationary, invoices, receipts, business cards, social media branding and much more. Spring special running until July 1st 2019. Now accepting Paypal!!


What is a doc tech? A document technician is the go to person for a business who needs branded documents such as operational procedures, business plans, letterhead, logos, branding for social media, hard copy materials, brochures, business cards.

A doc tech is also the person who can help you organize your day to day filing system either online or offline. Got a bunch of files and just bought yourself a new filing cabinet? Don’t know what to do with it? I’m here to help. Database filing system, I eat those for breakfast and spit them back out organized and well maintained!

Staring at Freddie the MailChimp and have no idea how to get him to eat his bananas, or maybe your MailChimp is a set of fuzzy toe bean harboring desktop supervisors like mine? I, as a doc tech, can help you navigate MailChimp as well.

Need a scheduler, coordinator, liaison? Need project management, just tell me what operating platform you prefer and I’ll get you more than started! Below is a list of some of my doc tech services, other services that are not listed please contact me through my contact page. Thank you for considering Black Cat Editing!

Business Logo

A unique business logo built specifically geared toward your business. I work with you to create a logo you can brand all your business documents and social media with. You will receive a JPG & PNG file and I will keep a back up for any future changes needed or if you need another copy of the original files. PNG will be in transparent layered mode for layover on websites and other graphics.


Branded Business Stationary

Building of business branded price lists, internal memos and letters, letterhead, canned email responses, canned letter responses, letters of request, contracts, operational documents, and more. You will receive a working Word document and PDF set of files. I will also keep a back up file if you should ever need it changed or need another copy of the originals.


Business Plan

A business plan that takes your market data and research and builds it into an eye catching business plan that draws potential investors to your business idea while presenting your data in an easy to understand document. These types of documents can take 6+ months to develop and can be very overwhelming to accomplish let alone know where to start, let a doc tech like myself who has done business plans in the past help you make your business plan the best it can be!