Doc Tech

Document Technician Services

What is a doc tech? A document technician is the go to person for a business who needs branded documents such as operational procedures, business plans, letterhead, logos, branding for social media, hard copy materials, brochures, business cards.

InDesign Skills

A doc tech is also the person who can help you organize your day to day filing system either online or offline. Got a bunch of files and just bought yourself a new filing cabinet? Don’t know what to do with it? I’m here to help. Database filing system, I eat those for breakfast and spit them back out organized and well maintained!

Staring at Freddie the MailChimp and have no idea how to get him to eat his bananas, or maybe your MailChimp is a set of fuzzy toe bean harboring desktop supervisors like mine? I, as a doc tech, can help you navigate MailChimp as well.

Word Document Skills

Need a scheduler, coordinator, liaison? Need project management, just tell me what operating platform you prefer and I’ll get you more than started! Below is a list of some of my doc tech services, other services that are not listed please contact me through my contact page. Thank you for considering Black Cat Editing!

Graphics Design Skills

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