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Nanowrimo 2020

Last Year Nano Project Stats Words Written: 50774 words Nanowrimo 2019 winner Synopsis: She’s a hot headed red head. He’s an old school gunslinger. When something goes wrong in the town of Tariff, a village that survived the war to end all wars, the… Continue Reading “Nanowrimo 2020”


You may have noticed the redesign. In the menu there are now child menu options under Publications and Contact parent menus. Under Publications you will see 3 Little Sisters, Podcast (Nevermore) and Quoth the Publisher. Those are all publications I contribute to. Under the… Continue Reading “Publications”

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Book Day

The Dark Tower It’s March 7th. The Day of the Book, aka book day! Today I share with you my love of the Dark Tower, magnum opus of Sai King as us constant readers refer to him as. My King book collection is extensive,… Continue Reading “Book Day”