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Adobe Signatory Services

I have moved from HelloSign to Adobe (Acrobat) signatory services. In other words I now use Adobe Acrobat and the signing services that correspond with that piece of software. What does it look like? So that’s what one of my contracts might look like… Continue Reading “Adobe Signatory Services”

Software Added to The Roster

So this happened. Today. Yay! Decided it was time to bite the bullet and purchase Adobe. At 80 CAD a month that’s a pricey bullet to bite but worth every penny to provide my customer base with up to date software technology. I now… Continue Reading “Software Added to The Roster”

Documents Grow Your Business

What can documents do for your business? A branded business plan can be submitted with a project proposal to grow your client base and profit margins. It can also help you get business loans and even grants from the government. These types of documents… Continue Reading “Documents Grow Your Business”