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Avatar Movie

The Avatar movie has some pretty deep philosophical under tones and plot. It can be applied to several historical situations as well as current global situations. The fact that the human race in the movie is trying to exploit the indigenous people of a… Continue Reading “Avatar Movie”

Blogging Detriment to Health?

According to PayU2Blog there are articles out there in the news that state that it is detrimental to your physical and mental health to be payed to blog. Without actually having read the articles I’m going to assume (let’s hope my assumptions here don’t… Continue Reading “Blogging Detriment to Health?”

Witch Hunts in The Media

So, long time no see you are thinking. Yup, been busy. Very busy. It’s only fitting that I start blogging again with a comment on the twitter debate about a mom tweeting about her child passing away in the family pool. News Article of… Continue Reading “Witch Hunts in The Media”