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Color Versus Colour

ORIGINALLY POSTED ON the3littlesisters.com To spell like the British or to spell like the Americans? That is the question.Or is it?What’s the difference between color and colour you ask? Culture and continents. Much like our metric versus imperial measurements the United States does things… Continue Reading “Color Versus Colour”


Witches and Pagans interviewed two of our authors at 3 little Sisters Publishing back in February and the 3 sisters as well. You can find those interviews by Rebecca Buchanan on witchesandpagans.com Thank you to Rebecca Buchanan for the time and effort she put… Continue Reading “Interviews”

It’s a Novel Idea

Originally published on 3 Little Sisters Blog I have this idea floating around my head for the last 48 hours. A book slash graphic novel slash illustrated comic style novel… I know, that was complicated for an explanation. I keep seeing it in my… Continue Reading “It’s a Novel Idea”

3 Little Sisters

Originally published on Three Little Sisters Blog It started out in different parts of the world. One would use the name Saga Press to self publish her own book while the other would use Alainn Epub to self publish hers. Both in other niches… Continue Reading “3 Little Sisters”

Cover Artist

How does the process work? First I start with the base template from KDP for a full cover, I’ll either use a front, spine, back method or a full wrap around method depending on what suits your written work best. I usually get a… Continue Reading “Cover Artist”