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I can assess the first 2 chapters of your manuscript and give you a quote on the project. I do not charge for this assessment. It is a fee free service and will allow me to assess how long your project may take. Thank you for your interest in Black Cat Editing.

KDP frustrating you? Can’t figure out your gutters to upload your print PDF? Cover won’t go through? Contact me directly and I can help you figure our Amazon’s KDP. I also provide LuLu tech support as well. If you need your manuscript converted from Word to InDesign I can help you.

Quick FAQS

Do you have a portfolio?

Yes I do. You can find my portfolio here.


How does it work you ask? Here are the steps:

  1. You have uploaded your files and KDP sent you an email that says “this, this and this is wrong” (aren’t they so preciously vague sometimes with those emails?)
  2. You curse the hallowed server rooms of KDP for a few minutes and then decide to forward that KDP “it’s wrong fix it” message to me with the file information needed (trim and page count).
  3. I will then check the page count, cross reference the trim size most appropriate for your manuscript, check the bleeds, gutters and all that jazz then give you an estimated turn around time with your no obligation quote for the service fee.
  4. From there, you can either choose to contract my services or say “No way Jose” and go on your merry way.

If you choose not to part ways and decide that it’s worth the cold hard cash (or in this case, interac email) to have me look at your files and fix it for you then the next step would be to send me the original manuscript files to layout, package and export to PDF for you. Need a cover too? Well, I can do that – Check out my portfolio for covers.

These services do include a file for Ebook (Jpg), the PDF for print which includes the descriptions, SEO and meta data for both – you just provide the information for the description and the genre and a small mini synopsis of your manuscript.


I do full front, spine and back cover pieces or wrap around. My covers are in PDF, PNG & JPG formats at 300DPI resolution. You will be provided with the two formats that KDP accepts for cover files. I will provide 3 adjustments at no extra cost for cover sizing if KDP asks for any cover image adjustments. I will be using the PNG format for my portfolio with a limited creative commons license. The license is limited to strictly online and offline portfolio use for the purpose of acquiring new clientele with.

Covers will be credited within your copyright page to me:

Sheal Mullin Berube

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